Episode #47: CVN LIVE Radio: Castro Valley CRUZE NIGHT IS COMING BACK! Saturday, August 28th

In this episode of the Local News: Discussion about local happenings and events in town with comments and questions from you. Thank you for listening.

Tonight’s topics include:

– Local neighbor roll call!

– A shout out to our sponsor, Forestr.org, a Castro Valley based non-profit

– Residents on Crow Canyon super concerned about speeding on their road

– People checking in from all over the United States tonight!

– Memories of CliffBurton day from the year before COVID-19

– What is replacing the mobile home lot by Norbridge road

– Update on a dog mailing that happened way back in 2013. Max is doing well and thriving!

– Shout out to Jeff at The Castro Valley Tire Pros for their top notch services

– August 28th Castro Valley CRUZE NIGHT IS COMING BACK! Saturday, 6pm to 11pm!!

– Castro Valley Bowling alley opening in a couple weeks now! – Don’s best band chat game kicks off

– Story of a recent encounter with a homeless neighbor of ours that had a pizza shared with him

– Talk of when Nick The Greek will be opening in the CV Village

– FREE to anyone sending in pictures of recent purchase receipts from independent eatery/service/company/business to this email address bizsticker@gmail.com

– Slice house should be opening soon in San Leandro. Close … just not in town, exactly

– Lots of talk about food places in the CV Village

– Shout out to a collection of local small businesses and all they bring to our lives

– Shout out to Pete’s Hardware on their 95th anniversary!

– Another anniversary is 20 years of Aran’s Art Studio in the CV Village

– Flashing light poles at Chester and Castro Valley Boulevard

– Encouraging people to slow down and be careful when driving around town

– Remember to reach out to your seniors and share your love, hugs, and support

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