Episode #49: CVN LIVE Radio: Shout outs, memories, and story times from all around town

In this episode of the Local News: Discussion about local happenings and events in town with comments and questions from you. Thank you for listening.

Tonight’s topics include:

– Introduction to our host, Robert Souza

– Should out to all our neighbors in chat

– Memories of Al Pereti who is cutting hair anew at a new location

– Call out to shop local and support our local business!

– Looking like there may just be one more week of red tier and moving to orange their here soon

– Shout out to Community Cupboard on Forest Avenue – https://www.facebook.com/castrovalley…

– Plans for a senior photos event on CVN this year again

– Sharing the preliminary designs for the coming Beer Baron bar and restaurant

– Discussion of new lights that went up at Chester Street and how well they are working

– Call in from Al Pereti

– from Reflections Barbers (Previously of the Al’s Barber in the CV Village since the 90’s)

– Special thanks to tonight’s sponsor, Forestr.org, a local non-profit with the mission to reforest urban communities.

– Update on the FirstPres Tiny Homes project – https://www.firstpreshayward.com/tiny…

– Community is excited for the coming of the Nick the Greek restaurant and a new Dim Sum restaurant coming to town

– Talk about parking needs within the CV Village area

– Continued shout out to locals dropping in and out of chat

– Imploring our neighbors to be sure to reach out to our local elderly, ensure they are taken care of, and shown love

– Story-time about bicycling around town and all that needs to be said about riding in our town

– Shout out to the Chabot Market and the wonderful local family that brought it back to life

– Thanks to everyone for joining us this evening!

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