Episode #57: CVN LIVE Radio: Cutting the Amazon Cord

In this episode of the Local News: Discussion about local happenings and events in town with comments and questions from you. Thank you for listening.

Tonight’s topics include:

– Introduction to our host, Robert Souza

– Little note about what this radio show is about

– Talk about local robberies that have happened and how to best avoid being a victim

– Discussion about the A’s potentially moving away from the Bay Area

– Special thanks to tonight’s sponsor, Forestr.org, a local non-profit with the mission to reforest urban communities.

– Discussion and information about he CV Mac board, it’s purpose and structure

– The old library building is in flux and a proposal has been made for creating veterans living on the land

– An independent company reviewed the land and suggested low cost housing for veterans on this land

– Discussion of the explosions and fireworks that happen almost every night

– Please give regards to veterans PTSD and how large explosions can harm them and animals in our community

– Seems that public July 4th fireworks are canceled again this year

– Discussion about breaking the chains of Amazon and how our local communities might do better without them

– Drive home the options to shop local and counter what is outside the community as much as possible

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