Episode #65: CVN LIVE Radio: Talk of Food, News, and new Printings

Join Robert Souza for an all new LIVE Radio show this evening, 7pm PT, @ the Castro Valley News!

Tonight’s episode dives into topics that include:

– Introduction to our host, Robert Souza

– Little note about what this radio show is about

– Community chat roll call and introductions

– Oakland city council voted to approve their plans for the new A’s stadium … not the one the A’s wanted

– Inviting people to come out and join us on the new live VIDEO stream

– Talk about bowling around town and some of the great places to roll around our town

– Local talk about ‘Wicked Gardens” by Rudy’s’ and when/where/what they are

– Discussion about Val’s. Whether it will be opening any time soon or what is up there

– Val’s is not closing. No worries.

– Matt Johanson has penned another book, California Summits : Guide to the 50 best peak experiences in the Golden State – http://falcon.com/books/

– New CVNews magazine is coming out this Thursday! Pick it up around town this Thursday

– Let’s talk FOOD! All new chronicle story just came out about Castro Valley and worth a read – https://www.facebook.com/castrovalley…

– Discussion of news and the state of news media in our world and beyond

– Talk about the Facebook stars and how they help us delivering the news :)

– New owners coming to Bvd Burgers here soon

– Memories of Robert’s time with the San Leandro Times and how news has grown, changed, evolved

– “People want news in the moment”

– A laundry list of Foodie choices all over town that are finding amazing eats here

– Support hyper-local, independent and of-the-moment news! https://castrovalley.news/pledge/

– Shop local, be safe, and love your neighbors

– Show wrap up. Thanks for joining us!

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