Episode #74: CVN LIVE Radio: TikTok, Local Sports, Chef Igor and a little Pontification

Join Robert Souza for an all new LIVE Radio show this evening, 7pm PT, @ the Castro Valley News! Discussion about local events and things happening around town with questions and interactive chat from listeners.

Tonight’s episode dives into topics that include:

– Introduction to our host, Robert Souza

– Little note about what this radio show is about

– Community chat roll call and introductions

– Sports report: Last Friday Castro Valley 22 Piedmont 12. Bye this week. Home to Kennedy on October 1. A’s 1 Seattle 0. Top of second

– Sports report: A’s wining at top of the second

– Pontification : About the people’s privacy needs and demands of the day

– Discussion about the tiktok challenges happening at local schools and throughout the nation

– Showcase of the PulsePoint Hayward app that we find helpful about local fire calls around town

– Talk about Ron Owens

– Midway Giveaway $20 gift certificate to Rudy’s Donuts

– Long discussion about all the great food found in town and how it is growing every year

– Your ForestR.org friends have just launched a GoFundMe (https://gofund.me/977fa77e) in order to expand upon our good work locally and bring a broader awareness to issues of litter abatement, reforestation, and climate change.

– Midway Giveaway Question : Where in Castro Valley was our short lived Noah’s bagels located?

– Shout out to the amazing Chef Igor AND his amazing review of Rudy’s reviews :)

– CV community girls wrestling yard sale happening this coming Saturday and CVHS parking lot!

– CV CHP will be doing a coffee get together this Friday. Details in the video

– Shout out to the community cupboard in town – https://www.facebook.com/cvcommunityc…

– Sports report: Seattle 4 Oakland 1 top of four. Switching to Giants. SF 1 San Diego 1 bottom of two

– Talk about the community rock garden

– Funky topic of the night : The TikTok challenge that spreads chaos at our schools

– When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

– Show wrap …up. Thanks for joining us!

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