The Valley (v.6)

The Valley Life magazine offers a captivating glimpse into the creative world of Cathy Raingarden through an exclusive look at her sketchbook.

The publication features a one-page story showcasing Renee Retting, the proud owner of Books on B, along with a tantalizing review of the Valley’s culinary scene, highlighting the delectable offerings from Rudy’s Donuts.

Readers can also delve into the local history with a captivating slideshow and explore Valley kitchen stories through a tempting recipe shared by Angie Sanders.

Additionally, the magazine unfolds the vibrant Pigments of Imagination with the artistic perspectives of Timothy Jameson, through glass, and provides insights into unique treasures at AJ’s Attic, Elevate Home Decor, Zocalo Coffee, and Friends of CV Library Bookstore.

For those looking to add a festive touch, there’s an exclusive guide by Robert Hoffman on how to make your party truly pop.