The Valley (v.8)

The magazine “The Valley” is a lifestyle publication featuring various aspects of life in the Bay Area, particularly around Castro Valley. Here’s a summary of the highlighted contents:

  1. Cathy Raingarden’s Urban Sketches: Cathy Raingarden shares her journey as an urban sketcher and illustrator, rediscovering her passion for drawing through landscape architecture studies. Her works, which can be followed on Instagram and her website, reflect her experiences and the environment around her.
  2. Culinary Review – Always Yours Bakery Cafe: The magazine reviews the sweet offerings of Always Yours Bakery Cafe, particularly highlighting the Oreo and Fruity Pebbles macarons. The review praises the bakery’s customer service and the deliciousness of its treats, giving it a high rating of 9.8 out of 10 stars.
  3. Aran’s Art Studio Profile: An interview with Aran Mimran, the owner of Aran’s Art Studio, delves into her journey of running the studio for over 23 years. Despite personal and professional challenges, Mimran’s positive outlook and the community’s support have kept the studio thriving. The studio offers various art classes and has become a place for discovering and nurturing artistic talents.
  4. Local History Slideshow: The magazine presents vintage photographs and stories of beloved local establishments such as La Imperial, a Mexican restaurant, and Jordan’s bookstore, reminiscing about their contributions to the community’s cultural and social fabric.
  5. Valley Kitchen Stories – Beef Barley Soup Recipe: A heartwarming and easy-to-follow recipe for Beef Barley Soup from Karen Wong is featured, perfect for home cooking and family meals.
  6. Local Artist Spotlight – Saundra Wallace: Saundra Wallace, known for her diverse use of mediums and unique art pieces, is profiled. Her creative process involves exploring different art forms and materials, with a special affection for Christmas when she crafts personalized gifts.
  7. Local Highlights and Activities: The magazine lists several local attractions and activities, such as the CV Farmers Market, Edible East Bay magazine, antique shops, and coffee spots, inviting readers to explore the richness of the Bay Area’s lifestyle offerings.
  8. Environmental Activism with Forestr: A spotlight on Forestr, a nonprofit organization led by founder Yon Hardisty, showcases their efforts in cleaning up and beautifying the Castro Valley and East Bay areas through litter collection, tree planting, and park development.

This publication encapsulates a vibrant mix of art, culture, community, and environmental consciousness, highlighting the dynamic lifestyle and creativity within the Castro Valley and the broader Bay Area.