The Valley (v.9)

In this issue of “The Valley,” a free monthly lifestyle magazine focusing on life in the Bay Area, specifically Castro Valley. Here’s a summary of the content:

  1. Cathy Raingarden’s Sketchbook: Cathy Raingarden, an urban sketcher and illustrator based in Berkeley, shares insights from her sketchbook, highlighting her journey back into drawing through her landscape architecture studies.
  2. Valley Culinary Review: A review of Buffalo Bill’s Restaurant in Hayward, noting its cozy atmosphere and good value, especially noting vegetarian-friendly dishes like the Greek pizza and mac and cheese.
  3. Interview with Gustavo and Rosa: Owners of Taqueria Portales in Castro Valley, Gustavo and Rosa, discuss their experiences running the restaurant, emphasizing community support and their dedication to offering both traditional and vegetarian Mexican dishes.
  4. Local History Slideshow: The magazine includes a slideshow that highlights historical landmarks like the first Mervyn’s store in San Lorenzo and Dutch Pride Dairy, which is now Rudy’s Donut House.
  5. Valley Kitchen Stories: Features a Japanese Curry Chicken Over Rice recipe from local resident Jeane Wong, emphasizing its versatility and appeal to family dining.
  6. Local Artist Spotlight: Focuses on local quilter Anita “Kit” Thompson, detailing her quilting process and the personal and memorial quilts she creates.
  7. Local Spotlight Section: Highlights local attractions and businesses such as Half Price Books, The Book Page magazine, Valley Java for organic coffee, and Terrace Market with its deli.
  8. Staying Flexible – Yoga Inspired Life: Covers the story of yoga instructor Casey Silva who opened her studio following personal challenges, promoting a message of love and joy through yoga.

Each section of the magazine aims to connect local residents with the community’s cultural, culinary, and historical richness, while also providing practical information and inspiring stories.